Date(s) - July 19, 2020 to July 20, 2020
All Day

The mother daughter relationship is a complicated one.  It can be fraught with tension, resentment, and guilt and yet it can be our most important supportive secure relationship that we have throughout our lifetime.  Learning to navigate this all important relationship with love and compassion is crucial.  During the teen years and early adulthood, our daughters are moving toward independence and learning to become their own leader.  This can be difficult for us as moms because we have been the “lead” mare for their entire lives up to this point.  How do we let go and let them learn to lead their own lives without sabotaging the relationship and our connection?  I call this the dance of leadership and follower-ship and it can be a tricky one.

Horses can be amazing mentors and teachers for us.  As herd animals their survival depends on their connection to the herd and their trust in the herd leader.  They lead and follow because they choose to.  In the horsemanship world we have a saying that “when the halter comes off, the truth comes out”.  As a parent it can be scary to take that “halter” off of our children to let them grow and become their own leader.  

Through temperament type, mandala work, and experiential work with the horses this 4 week series for mothers and daughters is designed to experience and practice 7 Elemental Steps to opening the door to a healthier and stronger relationship with one of the most important persons in your life.

Due to COVID-19 as well as some requests from Mother/Daughter teams outside of Wisconsin, I am rescheduling this course to later this summer/early fall and will hold it as a 2 Day Intensive Weekend to accommodate those traveling from out of state.  


Please contact me @ if you are interested in this course being held as a 2 Day Weekend Course so I can take that into account when able to schedule the new date.


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Mother/Daughter Duo Ticket $500.00