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Indigo Trails, LLC | Gestalt Coaching

Meet Dr Stacey Bean and her daughter, Caitlyn Bean.  This mother daughter duo both work out of Indigo Trails Farm helping both humans and horses heal and transform to reach their full potential.  As a Gestaltist, Dr Stacey partners with horses helping humans heal and experience optimal health emotionally, physically, and spiritually through her wellness programs.  As a Bronze and Silver Medalist in Dressage, Caitlyn Bean specializes in helping horses and their human partners transform their athletic potential through her horseback riding and training programs.  

“Stacey helped me release a long-held belief that I could do nothing right to realizing that my actions as a child were appropriate and worthy.  I feel so much joy in being able to let that go and move forward from a place of love and acceptance of myself, just as I am.”

Ashara M.

Private Gestalt Coaching Client

One on One Coaching

Private Equine Gestalt Session:

Have you experienced the heart wrenching loss of a loved one? Do you feel unworthy, powerless, or abandoned?  Are you looking for more direction, clarity, and purpose in your life?

Equine Gestalt Coaching is for anyone who wishes to “let go” of anger, fear, grief, jealousy, and loneliness that is holding them back from living a full and authentic life filled with joy and self compassion.

Partnering with my horses, I will guide you through the experiential process of the Gestalt Coaching Method. Once you begin to release the emotional and physical energy of past wounds, you will gain a sense of peace and feel free to be who you really are.  If you are ready to be courageous and vulnerable, the horses and I are here to support you in the greatest journey that is your life.

No horse experience necessary, and you will not ride the horse.

1.5 hour session. Please dress to be in the arena and wear closed toed shoes.

Private Gestalt Session:

We will not partner with a horse during these sessions, although we may still visit one and be in their presence.  These sessions are usually used during the winter months when Mother Nature’s chill is upon.

1.5 hour session


Phone Coaching

Are you looking for someone to help you take the next steps in gaining back your health, manifesting your dreams, creating order in your life or developing a new habit or career? Phone coaching is a powerful tool to help keep you on track with your goals, intentions, vision, and dreams. If you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, phone coaching can be a wonderful regular check in to help guide you and keep you on track.  Phone Coaching with Dr Stacey is personalized to suit your specific needs. She is an incredibly qualified guide for your health journey as she is deeply passionate in this area. She is also able to guide you through emotional blockages that might be holding you back as well as offering strong tools that will guide you towards forward progress in any area of your life you wish to explore.

Find your direction and clarity with four 30 min phone coaching sessions per month with a 3 month minimum commitment, plus, receive a one-time free 30 min exploratory call to explain details and expectations of phone coaching.

Phone coaching sessions can be on their own, or in conjunction with and between Private Gestalt Coaching sessions. Packages are available when combining phone coaching with gestalt sessions.

30 min to 1 hour sessions

“As Stacey’s client, I felt completely safe and understood.  She was able to help me open up to my own wisdom and move forward in a very positive direction. Her presence is strong and helpful.  Highly recommended!

Bethany P.

Phone Coaching Client

Group Coaching & Workshops

Do you struggle with beliefs about worthiness? Do old belief patterns hold you back? Does your life feel cluttered and chaotic?  Are you searching for connection with like-minded individuals?

I have designed events to fit almost every budget and commitment level – and joining me for one is a great way to step into Gestalt and equine coaching.  Discover your personality type and temperament, identify your values, create your vision, strengthen your self-esteem, build your trust, nourish your relationships, heal your grief, and so much more.  I have 4 workshops that I offer throughout the year that have specific themes to them.  I also offer a quarterly Nourish Your Soul group event that is a great place to start if you want to “dip your toe in” to an introductory experience of the EGCMethod in a group setting.  If you are ready to “dive in” and work on yourself with the support and connection of other like-minded women in an on-going group, join our weekly Women’s Gestalt Circle.  This group is limited in size and is best experienced in multi-week intervals.

Horses typically join us except in the cold winter months when we gather in the heated lounge.

2 to 2.5 hour sessions

“I had such a beautiful experience.  I was able to witness my daughter come out of her shell and express herself using the tools that she learned, tools that she will use in relationships to come. We laughed, giggled, cried, and gained such an understanding that is priceless. I highly recommend this!”

Elie S.

Lead with Love Workshop Participant

Corporate Teambuilding 

Do you manage a team that could benefit from increased productivity and cohesion? I offer team building workshops that help your team communicate better, become efficient problem solvers, eliminate friction, and find more satisfaction in their job and their role on your team.  These events are custom designed just for your team.  Reach out for a free exploratory call to discuss the details.

Premier Dressage Training|Boarding

Do you own your own horse and want to improve your equestrian skills and partnership with your horse?  Have you been riding for awhile and now want to take your dressage to the next level?  FEI Dressage instructor/trainer Caitlyn Bean is offering Full-Time and Part-Time Training Packages for you and your horse. Indigo Trails is opening June 1, 2022 to a small number of boarders at our private premier dressage facility with either basic or full care options.  We will also be hosting 3-4 clinicians/year to bring a world-class experience to dressage here in the Madison area.  

Let’s get to know each other better …

Take some time for yourself every Monday morning and join me as I share experiences, tips, wisdom, inspiration and guidance on your journey to holistic wellness.