From Stacey’s warm, heartfelt, accepting welcome in the morning to the culminating, reflective circle at the afternoon’s end, I began to feel different – the beginning of a transformation toward a true understanding of mindfulness. A glorious day, indeed. One that has become both a foundation and a springboard as I begin a healthier way of thinking and being. Thank you, Stacey. Your intrinsic gifts are vast and deep.

Lois Feiner, Women’s Mindfulness Retreat

Stacey is such a kind, gentle, understanding life coach!  She truly makes people feel heard and understood! Thank you for being a positive influence in my life!  You truly help people find and become their very best!

Kacey W. NE

As Stacey’s client, I felt completely safe and understood.  She was able to help me open up to my own wisdom and move forward in a very positive direction.  Her presence is strong and helpful. Highly recommended!

Bethany P. MI

I was able to break through exactly what was holding me back while working with Stacey.  She created a safe and creative space for me to express myself. Thank you, Stacey!

Emily D. WY

Stacey doesn’t miss a beat.  She is clear and direct with her client, while holding the highest level of compassion and respect for them.  She creates a safe space for her client to work and dig within. I felt comfort in her presence. What an empowering coach she is.

Elizabeth W. RI

Stacey is wonderfully creative and strong as a coach, while at the same time maintaining an inviting softness that allows those who work with her to feel safe to share their story.

Adrianna A. Cave, Creek, AZ

We have used many resources to help our granddaughter through the traumatic event of losing her father when she was eight years old – Agrace Grief Groups, counseling, and art therapy. All have been very beneficial. Indigo Trails provided the icing on the cake, so to speak. The genteel setting, variety of animals, and supportive staff guided her through experiences which have made a real difference in her confidence level. We have Stacey and staff to thank for having a happier, more aware ten year old girl for a phenomenal experience.

Margaret M Doyle, Hero’s Journey with Horses Summer Camp

The first morning of A Hero’s Journey with Horses Summer Camp my daughter was nervous about meeting new people her own age and liking the camp because she wasn’t going to be riding the horses and she struggles to make friends her own age. That same evening she shared that she liked the camp and had made a friend. For a child that struggles with forming relationships with her peers…this was the BEST news I could have heard! Indigo Trails is a very special place and a wonderful environment for learning, healing, and connecting.

Amber Corbit, A Hero’s Journey with Horses Summer Camp

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