Menopause & Metabolism: Reclaim Your Health

I use to believe you had to lose weight to be healthy.  It’s actually the exact opposite!  You have to be healthy in order to lose weight.  You are not crazy and it’s not your fault that your body is not letting go of body fat especially after hormones start changing typically in your 40’s +.  I’ll help you understand why your body is getting the message to store excess body fat so you can correct the underlying imbalances so that your body will naturally let go of the weight, improve your metabolic health, and decrease your menopause symptoms.



Menopause & Metabolism Reclaim Your Health

August 28 – November 22, 2023 (CLOSED- Currently In Session)

NEXT SESSION January 8 – March 25, 2024

Online Course (Zoom and Email)

Have menopausal symptoms of low energy, brain fog, sugar cravings, poor sleep, hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety or mood swings taken over your life?

Are you struggling with weight gain around your middle that is resistant to loss despite anything you do?

Have you recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, prediabetes/diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides, or have a history of PCOS?

Have you been told that your menopause symptoms are a “normal” part of a woman’s life?

Do you feel stuck and think there is nothing you can do?

If you’ve said YES!…then this course is for YOU! 


Join me for this 12-week deep dive into learning more about your body’s inner workings than you’ve ever learned before.


What is the Menopause & Metabolism course?                                                                                                                                                                 

Our course is a multimedia journey into the not so mysterious inner workings of our bodies (physical and emotional), a journey where we learn how our individual body works, a journey where we use that information to ADD health, take control of weight gain, and simply feel more vibrant, and confident in our own skin.

As I neared menopause, I started noticing all sorts of changes in my body even though my habits had stayed the same. The conventional wisdom of modern medicine and the fitness industry for women in perimenopause/menopause left me disappointed and frustrated. Using my training and refusing to accept this “new normal,” I began to research, hypothesize, and test until I came up with a combination of food, activity, lifestyle changes, and thinking that helped me reclaim my health and find what worked for my individual system.

In this course, I will share that process and work with you to discover what works best for YOUR individual system so that you are left feeling the best of who you are.

If you are tired of struggling to find answers, feel like you have tried it all, or are ready to scream if another doctor tells you that “this” is all normal, then join me and 11 other women as we explore various topics such as gut health and digestion, hormones, movement, sleep, stress, and emotions, and how it all comes together into creating our daily reality. Through education, inspiration, and fun, I want to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own health.

The whole group will meet weekly online, watch presentations focused on the topic of the week, receive related readings, recipe and movement ideas, journal prompts, and words meant to inspire you as you explore what is and what is not working for you. You also have the option of meeting with me (via phone or in-person) one-on-one for personal coaching sessions if you’re looking for additional guidance.

What does registration include?

Registration for the basic course includes:

  • 12 weekly, 1-hour presentations (Live & Recorded)
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Reference documents, which include session takeaways, ideas for identifying and creating healthy habits, and options to explore topics further through use of journal prompts
  • Weekly recipe and motivational movement ideas
  • Weekly words of inspiration
  • Access to Dr Stacey via voice text through Voxer for Course related questions

If you’d like additional support, you’re welcome to sign up for 6 or 12 hours of one-on-one coaching by phone.


$995 (one time payment)

$375 (3 payments of $375 each)









  • Week 1 (Week of 8/28)
    • Welcome & Course Preparation
    • Spend these 2 weeks preparing as no actual class will take place the week of 9/4 due to the Labor Day Holiday.
  • Week 2 (Week of 9/11)
    • Digestion & Gut Health
  • Week 3 (Week of 9/18)
    • Eat Your Medicine: Nutrition Basics
  • Week 4 (Week of 9/25)
    • Menopause & Sex Hormones
  • Week 5 (Week of 10/2)
    • Metabolic Health & Blood Sugar
  • Week 6 (Week of 10/9)
    • Emotions
  • Week 7 (Week of 10/16)
    • Stress & the Nervous System
  • Week 8 (Week of 10/23)
    • Detox
  • Week 9 (Week of 10/30)
    • Thyroid
  • Week 10 (Week of 11/6)
    • Movement
  • Week 11 (Week of 11/13)
    • Sleep
  • Week 12 (Week of 11/20)
    • Wrapping Up & Moving Forward


Cancellation Policy: Course fees are refundable up to 15 days after the course starts minus a $150 office fee.  There are no refunds for cancellations 15 days post to the course start date.


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