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Want to explore an area of health that you are curious about? Looking for some time away from the pace of your life? Needing some tranquility and fresh air? Or the support of community?
Our programs are designed to inspire you to explore, heal, and awaken in the areas of human empowerment, mindfulness, and healthy living so you can live your life in a transformed way.






Lead With Love Mother-Daughter Series

Monday Evenings (2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11)

6:00pm - 9:00pm

  The mother daughter relationship is a complicated one.  It can be fraught with tension, resentment, and guilt and yet it can be our most important supportive secure relationship that we have throughout our lifetime.  Learning to navigate this all important relationship with love and compassion is crucial.  During the teen years and early adulthood, our daughters are moving toward independence and learning to become their own leader.  This can be difficult for us as moms because we have been the “lead” mare for their entire lives up to this point.  How do we let go and let them learn to lead their own lives without sabotaging the relationship and our connection?  I call this the dance of leadership and followership and it can be a tricky one. Horses can be amazing mentors and teachers for us.  As herd animals their survival depends on their connection to the herd and their trust in the herd leader.  They lead and follow because they choose to.  In the horsemanship world we have a saying that “when the halter comes off, the truth comes out”.  As a parent it can be scary to take that “halter” off of our children to let them grow and become their own leader.  Through temperament type, mandala work, and experiential work with the horses this 4 week series for mothers and daughters is designed to experience and practice 7 Elemental Steps to opening the door to a healthier and stronger relationship with one of the most important persons in your life. Requested Age ~ 12 and older   What to Wear We will be working in both the heated lounge and when we work with the horses we will be in the arena which is enclosed but takes on the outside temperatures. Please dress in layers so you will be comfortable.  You will also need closed toed shoes.   Event Details Monday, February 18th 6:00-9:00pm Monday, February 25th 6:00-9:00pm Monday, March 4th 6:00-9:00pm Monday, March 11th 6:00-9:00pm   Investment In You & Your Daughter is $295/person ($590 per mother/daughter team)   Limit of 12 attendees (or 6 Mother/Daughter teams) Requested Age ~ 12 and older

Nourish Your Soul Monthly Meetup

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Welcome to the new year! Nourish Your Soul is a new monthly opportunity to come out to the farm for an evening of experiential learning that may include gong and chakra balancing, chakra bowls, meditation, inspired conversation around the bonfire, and anything else that seems like the right fit for the moment ~ some nights we will explore gestalt work with the horses! This night is meant to be fluid and open to whatever activities seem appropriate for the individuals and the group, allowing for deep exploration of the self and others while building community in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Whether howling at the moon or sitting in quiet meditation to soothing music, this night promises to bring healing and nourishment to your body and spirit. Come play with us, with the land and the horses!

Nourish Your Soul is limited to a small group of women each month. We expect these sessions to fill and encourage you to register early! Registration is $35 per person and includes two hours of deep group work, sharing, and support.

Harvest Your Health Night

Thursday, January 24, 2019


A new spin on Women's Wellness Nights for the New Year! Join us in the lounge for an evening of conversation around our health topic of the month where you will nourish your mind, body, and spirit while challenging your traditionally accepted beliefs around food and health. An evening of education and fun, come learn about what we do and why the doctor is "on the farm now".

The topic for January is "Detox Time". Get the new year kicked off right with tips around health and wellness while bringing gentle, loving kindness to yourself. This is a time of setting intentions and bringing awareness to our lives without judgment.

We have made some changes to this formerly free and formerly women's only program. Registration is now $20 and is a valued contribution to our on-going programs ~ we thank you. In addition, men are now welcome to attend and explore the health benefits of these monthly topics! We can't wait to spend an inspiring, informative night on the farm with you!

Summer on the Farm Kids Camps

3 SESSIONS offered Summer 2019

SESSION 1: June 24th - 28th (7-12yo)

SESSION 2: July 22nd-26th (12-15 yo)

SESSION 3: August 5th - 9th (7-12yo)

9:00am to 3:00pm daily

Summer on the Farm Camps offer kids a way to be in the world with humans and horses, dogs, chickens, the earth and sky, and everything natural. Based on a beautiful little farm in Verona, WI, this summer camp promises to take campers on a journey of self-discovery. They will learn to care for the animals and the land, learn about gardening, go hiking, do art projects, tell stories, learn ground activities with horses and much, much more! This is not a riding camp, and no horse experience is necessary. In Session 2 we will go a little deeper with the older kids with A Hero's Journey. We will be teaching about feelings and how to communicate effectively, building trust and self-esteem, and contact with the horses offers loving support and how to be in the moment.  The result is unequivocally that which inspires the participant to believe in themselves and discover their very own Hero within.

Harvest Your Health 6 month Group Coaching Program

My Philosophy on health



A version of the two day weekend workshop of Harvest Your Health, this six month program is an opportunity for you to make lasting changes in your health while connecting with others in the community and taking time for you!  It is my intention through this six month program to not only empower you around the inner workings of your body - partly so that your choices reflect self care more easily - but to support you in creating a relationship with food that fosters true nourishment – body, mind, and soul.Because this course is teaching the WHY & HOW, as well as the FEEL, you will be inspired to implement a new way of living, which for some may mean a new way of thinking about health, energy, food, and weight loss.  I want to help you deeply embrace a new lifestyle and part of that means creating new rituals, priorities, beliefs, as well as meals, and this will take time. We will explore:
  • the systems of the body that impact your health and vitality
  • the nutrients that support these systems
  • the emotional landscape of why we do the things we do when we know the things we know
  • the creation of new rituals, priorities, beliefs, as well as meals
Your body is AMAZING and your health is PARAMOUNT! I believe that if you knew who you truly are, you would be in awe of yourself, and you would want to take amazing care of yourself.  I want to help you get back in touch with that amazingness so it feels effortless to make choices that serve your health, create joy, and bring balance and freedom to your life everyday.
Many of you know that we offer private coaching which is often a blend of coaching phone calls and in person equine gestalt work. This fall we are offering similar coaching but for a group of 6-8 women. Group coaching has several benefits: building community with like-minded women while working toward your own personal goals, support from the group to help keep you on track, and the opportunity to reap the benefits of health coaching at a reduced cost.
Calls will be two Tuesdays a month from 11:30am - 12:30pm starting in April and going through September.  Calls will be recorded although live participation is encouraged.
Come join us and transform your health and your life and have fun while you are doing it!
Click below to register.  Cost is $200/month for six months.  An initial deposit of $200 is due at registration and then I will send your welcome packet that will include your schedule, syllabus, agreements, and payment info to set up the monthly payment plan for the remaining five months.

A Hero’s Journey for Women



Wednesday nights (4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 5/1, and 5/8))

6:00pm -9:oopm

A Hero’s Journey with Horses is a workshop in self-discovery.   My intention over this 5 week series is to help women gain the tools to feel better, communicate better, and be more of who they really are and long to be.  The world is filled with doubt, disrespect, fear and dysfunction. Dysfunction breeds discontent and discontent breeds disrespect for self and others.  Horses can help humans discover their own heroic qualities and learn self-respect and respect for others. The exercises in the workshop teach you about feelings and how to communicate effectively and contact with the horses offers loving support and how to be in the moment. The result is unequivocally that which inspires the human to believe in themselves. Tools are taught in the areas of leadership and communication and experiences are provided addressing fear and trust. The results create intimacy between the horses and participants and between the participants themselves which often causes a shift in the experience that each individual has of themselves and reveals new choices and ways of being. A fun yet meaningful and often profound experience of oneself in relation to others, this workshop is a must for anyone who is seeking a better understanding of themselves and who has a desire to discover their very own Hero inside.  

Yoga in the Barn


We LOVED our Yoga In The Barn Series this past summer and we will be doing it again next year!   COMING AGAIN in 2019 from May through September!

Join Indigo Trails in our tranquil setting for a truly unique yoga experience. Offered Sunday mornings in the summer months, yoga at Indigo Trails is the ideal place to escape and spend some relaxing time outdoors breathing in the fresh air and taking in the serene, gently rolling landscape of the Sugar River Valley. Classes will be held either in the old barn or outside in the fields under the oak trees with horses grazing nearby.  Located directly next to the Military Ridge Trail you can walk, bike, or run before or after class and even head down to the Riley Tavern (3 miles west) for Sunday brunch afterwards.  You are sure to come away with a feeling of peaceful relaxation and renewed energy. All levels welcome. Ages 12 and up. Yoga mats, straps, blocks, and blankets provided for up to 20 participants or you may bring your own.

$18 per session or $160 for a 10 class punch card


Thank you to last year's instructors! See you next year!


Nicole Rawling

Jamie Healy

Rebecca Lyn Maher Eller

Betsy Delzer



2782 White Crossing Rd; Verona, WI 53593



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Indigo Trails is a holistic wellness center that offers retreats, workshops, small group and one on one private coaching sessions in the areas of human empowerment, mindfulness, and healthy living practices.  It is our belief that horses have an immense gift to offer humans through their compassion, honesty, and love.