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What is Indigo Trails

Nestled on 20 acres of serene beauty, Indigo Trails is a place where the tranquility of the land, the natural wisdom of the horse, and the awareness of the soul supports endless opportunities to explore your inner truth, heal your heart, and awaken your infinite potential. Through workshops, retreats, and customized private or small group coaching sessions, Indigo Trails is committed to providing opportunities to partner with horses who guide you through experiential learning exercises to discover your truths and authenticity and truly express yourself and live the life you were born to live! Specifically, this means more JOY, less stress, and a life empowered with deep, fulfilling relationships.

Upcoming Events

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My mission is to educate and inspire people to live their life with optimal health and outrageous joy!

I will empower you to…

Explore your inner truths

Heal your heart, body, mind, and soul

Awaken your infinite potential to transform your life.


Indigo Trails Voice

Winds of Change

Winds of Change

This spring has been very windy here on the farm and has brought with it many changes.  As the wind blows, I have noticed the horses unsettled.  I am unsettled.  For the horses, they are on higher alert when the wind blows I believe because they can’t rely as much on...

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A Widow’s Walk and her Web of Life

A Widow’s Walk and her Web of Life

It’s been twelve years since the loss of my husband, Darren.  And I can remember every detail of that day as if it were yesterday.  I remember the feeling of my heart being torn out of my chest as I received the news that he was dead.  I remember feeling like the...

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