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Nourish Your Soul

Saturday, September 16th @ 12p-2:30p

Yoga in the Barn

Sunday, September 10| 24 @ 9a-10:15a (NO CLASS LABOR DAY WKND)

Menopause & Metabolism Online Course (12 weeks)

Closed – currently in session


Upcoming …

Nourish Your Soul

Saturday, Oct 7th @ 12p-2:30p

A Hero’s Journey with Horses

Wednesday, Oct 4|11| 18| 25| Nov 1 @ 6p-8:30p



In the Future…

Look Forward to Look Back

Saturday, Nov 4th & Nov 11th @ 12p-4p


Menopause & Metabolism Online Course (12 weeks)

Next Course starts in January 2024 (click here to save your spot!)

Group Coaching 

Nourish Your Soul Women’s Gestalt Group

Saturdays 12:00pm-2:30pm | May 6th | Jun 10th | Jul 8th | Aug 12th | Sep 16th | Oct 7th, 2023

Nourish Your Soul is a group of women who come together monthly to support each other in manifesting our biggest dreams, releasing what’s holding us back, healing our deepest wounds and trauma, and creating a life that is intentional, impactful, soulful, and fun! Utilizing the transformational gestalt coaching method with and without horses, you will work on fully experiencing, accepting, and appreciating your whole self. Gestalt coaching can free us to move past pain, fear, anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem. We can then discover who we really are, and allow ourselves to move forward in a more positive, healthy direction.

2 1/2 hour session | $75


Menopause & Metabolism: Reclaim Your Health

(Online 12 week Course NEXT Course January 2024)

I use to believe you had to lose weight to be healthy.  It’s actually the exact opposite!  You have to be healthy in order to lose weight.  You are not crazy and it’s not your fault that your body is not letting go of body fat especially after hormones start changing typically in your 40’s +.  I’ll help you understand why your body is getting the message to store excess body fat so you can correct the underlying imbalances so that your body will naturally let go of the weight, improve your metabolic health, and decrease your menopause symptoms.  Intrigued? Click Register Now to learn more and save your spot!


A Hero’s Journey with Horses for Women

Wednesdays Oct 4|11| 18| 25| Nov 1, 2023 @ 6p-8:30p

A Hero’s Journey with Horses is a workshop in self-discovery.  Over this 5 week series which Dr Stacey only runs once a year in the fall, you will gain the tools to feel better, communicate better, and be more of who you really are and long to be.  The world is filled with doubt, disrespect, fear and dysfunction. Dysfunction breeds discontent and discontent breeds disrespect for self and others.  Horses can help humans discover their own heroic qualities and learn self-respect and respect for others.

5 week series | $595

Look Back to Look Forward

Sundays Nov 4th & 11th, 2023 @ 12p-4p

“The past is like using your rearview mirror in your car- it’s good to glance back and see how far you’ve come; but if you stare too long, you’ll miss what is right in front of you.” -Unknown

The practice of looking back to look forward affords us an opportunity to gain a better understanding of connections between the past and the future.  Are you moving toward the future that you dream of? What is the vision for your ideal life?  Who do you need to become to make it happen?  This course can help you create a crystal clear vision of where you are going and help you become who you need to be. 

(2) 4 hour sessions | $395

Private Coaching 


Saturdays 9a-3p by Appointment Only

You’ve taken time to get to know your significant other, your best friend, your co-workers, heck, maybe even the grocery store clerk – but, have you ever taken time to really get to know you?

During this day we will:

  • Explore the inner workings of you and your truth.
  • Discover the background of why and how you walk through life.
  • Empower you with magic of choice.

You will leave the farm with a deeper insight about yourself, your relationships, your goals, and your next steps in life.

It can be experienced by a couple, a family, or a set of friends who want to explore and expand their relationships.

The VIP experience includes light breakfast and lunch.

Contact me to schedule your one day VIP experience! 

Investment in yourself: $1,100


One on One In-Person Coaching

By Appointment Only

Have you experienced the heart wrenching loss of a loved one? Do you feel unworthy, powerless, or abandoned?  Are you looking for more direction, clarity, and purpose in your life?

Equine Gestalt Coaching is for anyone who wishes to “let go” of anger, fear, grief, jealousy, and loneliness that is holding them back from living a full and authentic life filled with joy and self compassion.

Partnering with my horses, I will guide you through the experiential process of the Gestalt Coaching Method. Once you begin to release the emotional and physical energy of past wounds, you will gain a sense of peace and feel free to be who you really are.  If you are ready to be courageous and vulnerable, the horses and I are here to support you in the greatest journey that is your life.

No horse experience necessary, and you will not ride the horse.

Please dress to be in the arena and wear closed toed shoes. 

1.5 hr session | $350

Pkg of 4 sessions | $1,200


Phone Coaching

By Appointment Only

Are you looking for someone to help you take the next steps in gaining back your health, manifesting your dreams, creating balance in your life or developing a new habit?

Phone coaching is a powerful tool to help keep you on track with your goals, intentions, vision, and dreams. If you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, phone coaching can be a wonderful regular check in to help guide you and keep you on track.  Phone Coaching with Dr Stacey is personalized to suit your specific needs. She is an incredibly qualified guide for your health journey as she is deeply passionate in this area. She is also able to guide you through emotional blockages that might be holding you back as well as offering strong tools that will guide you towards forward progress in any area of your life you wish to explore.

Find your direction and clarity with two or four 1 hour phone coaching sessions per month with a 3 month minimum commitment, plus, receive a one-time free 30 min exploratory call to explain details and expectations of phone coaching.

Phone coaching sessions can be on their own, or in conjunction with Private or Group Gestalt Coaching sessions or the Online Courses support your ongoing work. Packages are available when combining phone coaching with gestalt sessions or the online courses. Please contact if you would like a quote to add phone coaching to an existing EGC or Gestalt Coaching Session or Package.

Two 1 hr calls/month | $500

Four 1-hr calls/month | $900

training for TBAH grads

A Hero’s Journey Training (for TBAH Grads Only)

2024 Dates TBD

Are you looking for a unique workshop you can offer your clients?

Do you have any clients that would give anything to feel worthy, loveable, and confident in their own skin?

Would you like a step by step program that pairs seemlessly into your existing EGCM practice utilizing the skills that you have been trained in with TBAH and was developed by one of our own herdmates?

If you said YES!…                                             

                      then this training is for YOU!

3.5 days of training|$795

Yoga Series

Yoga in the Barn

Sunday Mornings 9a-10:15a
May-September 2023

Join Indigo Trails for a tranquil, truly unique yoga experience surrounded by nature, fresh air, and the farm’s majestic herd of healing horses. Offered Sunday mornings in the summer months, yoga at Indigo Trails is the ideal place to escape and spend some relaxing time outdoors breathing in the fresh air and taking in the serene, gently rolling landscape of the Sugar River Valley. Classes will be held either in the old barn or outside in the fields under the oak trees with horses grazing nearby.

1 hour 15 minute session|$20


Full Moon Sacred Circle

Horses, Yoga, Meditation, and Gong

Done for this year! See you in 2024!

We gather during the full moon in a sacred space of the indoor arena surrounded by 3-4 of the Indigo Trails healing herd to have an understanding of “who we are” and “why we’re here” that we can’t access with our rational mind.

You’ll be inside a fenced pen to keep the horses at a safe distance yet close enough for you to enjoy their peaceful energy.

Our beginner yoga class with meditation and gong is a safe place for you to try out yoga whether you’re an experienced yogi or it’s your first time. No experience necessary.


2 hour session|$35

Let’s get to know each other better …

Take some time for yourself every Monday morning and join me as I share experiences, tips, wisdom, inspiration and guidance on your journey to holistic wellness.


“Stacey is such a graceful coach that her clients are deep in their work before they get a chance to get in their own way.  She holds them in such safety and compasssion as they actively heal old wounds, that they emerge whole and light from the experience.”

Lorrin M.

Group Gestalt Participant

“I was able to break through exactly what was holding me back while working with Stacey.  She created a safe and creative space for me to express myself.  Thank you, Stacey!”

Emily D.

Private EGC Client

“Dr Stacey doesn’t miss a beat.  She is clear and direct with her client, while holding the highest level of compassion and respect for them.  She creates a safe space for her client to work and dig within.  I felt comfort in her presence.  What an empowering coach she is.”

Elizabeth W.

Private EGC Client

Farm Spaces

The Grounds

This 20 acre parcel next to the Sugar River Conservancy and Military Ridge Trail has much to offer.  We have a walking/riding path that wraps around the property and meanders through the old oak grove.  There is a horse playground that offers joy and playfulness for both horses and humans alike.  About 6 acres of land is fenced for our horse pastures and turn out so be sure to stop by and say hello to the horses over the fence.  And at sunset you may find yourself sitting on the old silo pad watching the sunset and listening to the sound of the whippoorwill cranes and other wild life.

The Arbor

Nestled next to the outdoor arena, this beautiful space is a great place to entertain, watch the horses in the outdoor arena, cook over an open fire, and watch the stars.  With two picnic tables and a seating area around the stone fireplace, there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the farm or read a good book in the swing.  

The Upper Barn

The Old Red Barn was built in 1910 and is both charming and functional.  The lower part of the barn has 8 horse stalls and an office space.  The upper barn is above the horse stalls and is 30′ x 70′.  There is an elegant rustic charm to this space with high ceilings, mason jar wagon wheel chandeliers, small white lights winding up the beams, and old pine floors where you can still see the dents in the wood from the horses’ shoes when they would dig in and pull the fully loaded hay wagons up the land ramp and into the barn.  The best part of the upper barn is when you sit looking through the open barn doors in the evenings you have a front row seat to a breathtaking sunset.  This space has been the host for many good times from yoga classes to graduation parties to barn dances.

The Indoor Arena & Lounge

The indoor arena is a 70′ x 140′ space with sand based footing mixed with Reiten Right.  Automatic curtains run down both long sides of the arena and there are large sliding doors at either end.  In the warmer months we keep the curtains and doors open giving the feeling of being in a covered outdoor space.  The high ceilings have arched trusses and clear upper siding that also allows the sun to shine through giving it a light and cheery feeling.  The entrance of the indoor arena has a tack up area, wash stall, and 4 lockers and is attached to the 30′ x 60′ heated lounge with large viewing windows into the arena.  This is the place where I work with clients, hold my groups and parts of my retreats, work with horses and ride. We have hosted many events here such as fundraisers, horse clinics, and even a retirement party. This space has a peaceful happy feel to it.

The Outdoor Arena

The outdoor arena is a 70′ x 200′ space with sand based footing that is perfect for training the upper level dressage tests.  With breathtaking views of the Sugar River, the old oak grove, and the adjacent Arbor, this space has hosted many equestrian clinics as well as it is a great flat surface for games and even an outdoor tent.

Facility Rental

Rentals and Services


Indigo Trails has hosted a variety of events: equine clinics, private and corporate retreats, fundraisers, birthday and graduation parties and meetings to name a few. This list, of course, is not all that we are open to hosting. We welcome your ideas and want to see your dreams come true alongside our dreams. We throughly enjoy helping others find and create the perfect background for their special event.

We love to help our local community as well as those beyond our area open the door to personal growth. We are passionate about creating a property that is peaceful and inspries exploration on all levels. Animals are, of course, a big part of any event at Indigo Trails, LLC and offer us inspiration that will last in the memories and hearts of our visitors.

Indigo Trails is dedicated daily to coaching humans in partnership with horses, but we have also reached beyond coaching and into the deep well of abundance that horses, animals and nature provide — and the lessons our four-legged and feathered friends offer us when coupled with the wisdom of Mother Earth take us on a journey to the center of our own souls.

At Indigo Trails, we believe that growth and exploration are exhilarating. We have worked in concert with nature and our community of open-minded coaches and leaders to create an environment that offers you an accepting and peaceful place removed from judgement.

We have also developed deep community bonds and have formed relationships with other like-minded organizations and businesses who will provide additional services to further your experience at Indigo Trails. From yoga instructors to caterers, we have you and your event attendees covered. We are also open to working with your desired service providers.


Customize your event 

– Customized Horse Experience
– Guided Visualization with or without horses
– Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong
– Farm Tour
– Yoga
– Massages with or without the horses
– Gourmet catering
– Art therapy
– Mediumship readings
– Farm to table fireside event

* If you have a specific idea around a theme or topic that you would like to include in your retreat we are happy to work with you to create a unique experience.