Date(s) - January 14, 2020 to December 31, 2020
5:00 am to 6:00 am

Your body is AMAZING and your health is PARAMOUNT! I believe that if you knew who you truly are, you would be in awe of yourself, and you would want to take amazing care of yourself. I want to help you get back in touch with that amazingness so it feels effortless to make choices that serve your health, create joy, and bring balance and freedom to your life everyday.

It is my intention through this three month program to not only empower you around the inner workings of your body – partly so that your choices reflect self care more easily – but to support you in creating a relationship with food that fosters true nourishment – body, mind, and soul.Because this course is teaching the WHY & HOW, as well as the FEEL, you will be inspired to implement a new way of living, which for some may mean a new way of thinking about health, energy, food, and weight loss. I want to help you deeply embrace a new lifestyle and part of that means creating new rituals, priorities, beliefs, as well as meals, and this will take time.

We will explore:

  • the systems of the body that impact your health and vitality
  • the nutrients that support these systems
  • the emotional landscape of why we do the things we do when we know the things we know
  • the creation of new rituals, priorities, beliefs, as well as meals
  • the 9 factors that influence weight other than food

Join Dr. Stacey and transform your health, your life, and have fun while you are doing it! This program offers flexibility and freedom as well as an incredible amount of content and resources.

COURSE OPTION 1: Purchase the on-line course for $300 for the three month series

COURSE OPTION 2: Purchase the on-line course PLUS one monthly live Q&A call with Dr. Stacey for $450 for the three month series

Cancellations may be honored if we are able to fill your seat with someone from the wait list outside of 72 hours prior to the start date.
Refunds are not available once this series has begun. 


Ticket Type Price Spaces
OPTION 2: Online + Monthly Q&A $450.00
OPTION 1: Online Course $300.00