This spring has been very windy here on the farm and has brought with it many changes.  As the wind blows, I have noticed the horses unsettled.  I am unsettled.  For the horses, they are on higher alert when the wind blows I believe because they can’t rely as much on all their senses to trust the information they are receiving or not receiving.  For me, the winds are bringing change.  Sometimes easing change in gently like a ripple on the water giving me time to adjust and grow; and sometimes forcefully and abruptly like a hurricane with huge crashing waves sweeping my feet out from under me.

Change can be hard for anyone.  The idea that things are not permanent and will eventually come to an end or head in a different direction is part of the natural order of life.  However, it can bring feelings of sadness, disappointment, loss, anxiety, and even anger.  To fight against a gust or a gale force wind only creates struggle and suffering.  

While wind stirs things up, it also cleans things out leaving room for new potential and new beginnings.  In essence, the winds of change create movement so we don’t become stagnant. So remember, no matter how large or difficult a change is, the new that it brings will eventually weave itself into the right places in your life.  It is when we embrace patience, trust, and acceptance that we allow ourselves to go with the flow of the wind and be uplifted.