Article by Indigo Trails staff.

The energetic fields within and surrounding our physical bodies can be incredible messengers if we are willing to listen. When I feel into the essence of chakras I see them as building blocks, one leading to the other beginning with the base and ascending to our highest selves and connection to the universe. In my heart I believe that when the Root Chakra is out of balance it can be challenging to be in tune at the higher levels. Perhaps this idea is personal to me, and you don’t find this to be true for you. Perhaps my deep connection to the Root Chakra is part of my own trauma and healing journey.

The Chakras – Starting at the base of your tail bone moving up the spinal column of your physical body

Root: Basic needs, shelter, safety, food, water, the color red

Sacral: Passion, desire, creativity, birth, the color orange

Solar Plexus: Personal power, determination, will, the color yellow

Heart: Love, giving, receiving, acceptance, compassion, the color green or pink

Throat: Voice, truth, communication, self-expression, the color blue

Third Eye: Intuition, perception, vision, wisdom, the color indigo

Crown Chakra: Connection to source, higher self, knowingness, the color white or purple

How do We Support our Chakras?

For me it goes back to the basics: food, water, air. Taking the time to be still and simply breathe can help center ourselves and get in alignment. There are meditations you can do specific to each chakra that bring in the color and part of the body associated with it. There are also specific foods you can eat to help support the health and balance of your energy centers. When I feel off in my mind or body I often put on Native American Flute Music, and it transports me away from my earthly worries.

If you can hold onto the idea that you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience many blocks can melt away. Your spirit is so much larger than your physical being – its energy bubble expands out and out. Our purpose on earth is to learn, grow, break old patterns, and expand into who we’re meant to be. If you can sit with that and breathe into it you will eventually find that the earthly worries pass through your mind like clouds in the sky, notice them, and allow them to move on.

Horses + Chakras

The horses are masters at helping balance our chakras. To watch a horse who is very clear and intentional do this is an otherworldly experience. They will come up to a person, stand with a specific part of their body to the persons energy field and stand patiently while they attune.

When I first came to Indigo Trails, Bodhi would work on me every day I came to help with chores. I didn’t know what he was doing at the time. All I knew was that I appreciated the nurturing and attention, and I felt amazing after he did this.

He’d take his muzzle and mouth me from the top of my head down to my belly button and back up. Then he’d yawn in a clear pattern I know today is called leeching, the horses’ way of pulling stuck or negative energy off of us and then releasing it. I am in awe of the horse’s healing powers daily and grateful beyond words to live my life in their presence.

Healing, they say, is on a spiral. We heal up and up and then sometimes slide back down a little. I find my Root Chakra out of alignment at this time and am doing my best to breathe into each moment and find the balance to care for myself in thoughtful ways. I am doing my best to let the clouds enter my mind, notice them, and allow them to move on.