Article by Cassandra Johnson.

“If You’re Brave Enough to Say Goodbye, Life will Reward You with a New Hello.”—Paulo Coelho

It’s Easter morning and I chose to reflect on this favorite quote from Paluo Coehlo.  The Easter season reminds us of the ultimate “Goodbye” that turned into a beautiful “Hello” of rebirth and new beginnings.

Scrolling through Social Media today, a friend posted the photo attached to this blog.  The Easter Bunny sitting alone in field; no colorful eggs, smiling children or overflowing baskets of chocolate.  I stared at this photo for quite a while.  I breathed in all the sadness I saw in his expression.  Instantly, tears flooded my eyes as I thought about how different this Easter will be for so many.  During the Safer at Home order, the feeling of loss especially for tradition will be challenging.

Tradition is the handing down of statements, beliefs and customs from generation to generation.  Tradition allows us to feel safe, content and within a trusted circle.  We reconnect with friends and family while reinforcing the foundation of our belief system and values.  Think about your traditions around this holiday.  Is it the things you eat?  Is it the decorating or hiding of eggs?  Is it the clothes you wear?  Is it the religious practices you look forward to each year?  Most of us can think of one tradition for the holiday or time of year that we hold near to our heart.

A friend told me that her family still makes a certain dish for Easter; her Grandmother’s favorite side dish.  No one else in the family shared the liking for this dish and her Grandmother passed away several years ago.  However, they make the dish using the same recipe and it sits at the table untouched every year.  She said it was their way of honoring and remembering her.

Some could argue that is a tradition that should be changed, while others can resonate in the importance of holding on to the tradition.  During the Safer at Home sanction, we will have many traditions that will be altered and reshaped.  We are seeing all sorts of creativity with our normal ways of doing things.  Will we remember how we reached deep within ourselves to change what we have always done?  Will some of these new and exciting ways of celebrating Easter become a new custom in your household?  Is the true meaning of tradition being challenged by you?  Is it that important to do the same thing every year because you always have done it that way?

I conclude by going back to the photo of the Easter Bunny sitting alone in the field.  After staring at it for a long time, I let go of the initial sadness that I saw and felt.  I chose to look at it with positivity.  I saw him finally taking a moment during his busy season to meditate.  Even someone so filled with Easter tradition as the Easter Bunny should be allowed to be BRAVE enough to say GOODBYE so he can be REWARDED with the NEW HELLOs of the season.

The Easter Egg resembles rebirth.  Hold one in your hand today and believe in the new beginnings that surround you.  This is your opportunity to welcome change and celebrate new life.