The holiday season has arrived. For some this is a plentiful, beautiful time to rejoice and share time with family and friends! For others it is a reminder of loss, grief, and a time when we find ourselves thrown into old patterns we thought we’d outgrown. Whichever side of the coin you may feel is true for you, the message is the same: don’t forget to slow down and engage in gratitude for the moments in between this year.
I have found myself on both sides of this equation over the years. Some seasons I have allowed pain and disconnection to stay at my door and somehow made it through. Other years I have embraced the concept of slowing down and allowing, nurturing myself as much as possible. Those have been the years I felt most grounded, most peaceful, most true to my self. Below are a few ideas to help you stay connected to your truest – and therefore most JOYFUL self this busy time of year.
  • Wake Up Earlier than You Need To | This can feel like an absolute magic trick! Set your alarm to allow for thirty extra minutes in the morning – just for YOU! Start your day with a clear mind and a settled heart. Take note of how the day takes shape when you give this gift to yourself.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say No | It’s okay to take a breather even during the holidays. Do you want to arrive at your special holiday time in a place of peace and joy? Make sure to recharge your batteries when you need to – a bath, hot tea, a walk through holiday lights.
  • Be Spontaneous | If a friend calls for lunch or a walk on a sunny day it might be just what your mind and spirit need – get some fresh air, move your body, and get a new perspective.
  • Let It Go | We can get lost in our to-do lists any time of year. Try to remember it’s also important to let things go. It goes hand in hand with spontaneity. Don’t miss the precious moments in between all the “have to’s”.
  • Take a Day or Night Off | How fun is that? Give yourself the gift of time and relaxation. Give yourself the gift of completing things when no one is around or you don’t have a handful of other things to work on. Take one whole night off of planning and “doing” to curl up and watch a movie. Take the day off for yourself to do whatever lightens your spirit this time of year, and enjoy!
  • Check in with Yourself | Don’t forget to check in with your precious body, mind and heart! Are you rushing from one thing to the next, eating poorly, losing sight of much of the self care you may have incorporated into your life the past year? It happens. The first step is simply to notice, bring awareness. Maybe the next step is the hardest and at the same time the most simple: slow down, whatever that looks like for you.
At Indigo Trails we are grateful daily for the horses. Their presence is a steady reminder to take it easy. Live in this moment. Breathe, relax, come back into our bodies. If you can … get out and see a horse this holiday season! Wishing you a peaceful heart today and all days.