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We help you to see yourself as the non-broken, worthy, holistic being you are and quit covering up the parts you deem less than ideal or unacceptable so you can live your life with openness and outrageous joy in a way you’ve never imagined.  This philosophy coupled with the healing power of the horse creates a one of a kind coaching environment resulting in life changing outcomes.

A place to explore, heal and awaken.

Here at Indigo Trails, our philosophy is each of us already has the answers we are looking for already inside of us.  Sometimes they are just outside of our awareness.  Through the unique practice of Equine Gestalt Methodology we help you find them.  

Your Journey Begins Here…

Individual Gestalt Sessions

Individual Gestalt Sessions

Group Gestalt Sessions

Group Gestalt Sessions

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Dressage Lessons & Training

Dressage Lessons & Training


Horses see us in ways
we often cannot see ourselves


Discover for yourself the
exceptional healing power of horses


Gestalt is about creating wholeness


Start living a life you love today!

What we do here will change your life.

Our programs are designed to inspire you to explore, heal, and awaken in the areas of human empowerment, mindfulness, and healthy living so you can live your life in a transformed way.

Reclaim Your Power

Strengthen your physical being with Yoga in the Barn and empower your heart with Gestalt coaching.

Find Your Passion

Break old patterns that no longer serve you and step onto the path to joy and fulfillment.

Heal from Grief and Pain

Trauma touches all our lives, but we don’t have to put down our joy to carry pain. Leave your sadness behind with honor.

Build Relationships

Your community is waiting to support you during and after you step into your authentic self!

Reframe the way you think about health, and see your life change for the better.

Understanding what your body, mind and soul need to get healthy begins with knowledge. Become empowered to feel into what your body is telling you it needs to sustain; allow your mind to find the freedom from struggle, and encourage your soul to express your authentic self. 

Meet Dr Stacey

Doctor | Gestaltist | Health Coach

As a single mom, a widow who lost her soulmate, and a woman who has struggled with hormone imbalance and body image, I know what it’s like to feel broken, alone, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Through my transformation and years of study in health, nutrition, energy medicine, and Gestalt methodologies, I’ve been guiding people over the past 10 years through the process of remembering their brilliance and healing their health – mind, body, and soul-  in a unique way.

Let’s get to know each other better …

Take some time for yourself every Monday morning and join me as I share experiences, tips, wisdom, inspiration and guidance on your journey to holistic wellness.

"Gentle and compassionate."

“Stacey as a coach is in a word, amazing. She is equal parts strong and determined, as well as gentle and compassionate.  She is a very special and unique human being.  She finds that balance, and always provides safe space for deep processing.  It’s a tremendous gift that she has.” — Shelly O.

"Powerful changes and deep insights."

“Powerful changes and deep insights happen at Indigo Trails.  The “Looking Back to Look Forward” group was such a beautiful way to honor the past year while focusing on moving into the new year with thought and intention.  Through Dr Stacey’s kind, patient and clear guidance, we learned to let go of the things that were no longer serving us and find the things that we wanted to cultivate and bring with us into the New Year.  She led us through each step and at the end we had a clear intention for the New Year, a detailed vision statement and list of well thought out specific goals.  The final day we worked with the horses to formally say goodbye to the past and welcome the future.  The wisdom of the horses never ceases to amaze me.  They are an extension of Stacey and her team and have a powerful way of reflecting what’s in your heart and helping you find the truth within your soul.  I am excited to take the course again next year to look back and see the changes I’ve made in my life because of this course!” — Margaret G.

"It was by far one of the best things I've done for myself."

“I signed up for A Hero’s Journey as a meager attempt for some me time.  I had no idea what to expect and the closer we came to the first session, the more anxious I became.  In the end, it was by far one of the best things I have done for myself.  Eight complete strangers somehow transformed into a group of more than just friends, a family of sorts, otherwise known as the “Ah-ho sisters”.  We emphasized our strengths and worked through our weaknesses, we laughed, we loved, we learned, and in the end we all went about our way thankful for the journey.” — Tabitha S.

"Dr Stacey Bean has a gift."

“Indigo Trails is one of the most special places you will find!  You can feel the positive energy right when you enter the driveway.  Dr Stacey Bean has a gift of making you feel confident and comfortable with all that you want and need to share.  Her insight helps you find the true answers within you.  I initially sought out Equine Gestalt Coaching with her for some deep questions about my career path.  I was able to find daily gratitude for my job.  This new spark allowed me to change my managerial approach, become creative and successful again in a very tough market.  The joy I was experiencing during the coaching process also allowed me to work on life balance, nutrition, spirituality and strengthening of relationships.  I have never sought out outside guidance before, but when I saw Dr Stacey Bean’s presentation on her business I knew that she was the person I could trust.  The beauty of partnering with the horses at the EGC sessions and the Hero’s Journey for Women adds an element of healing and insight that one can only understand when they are there experiencing it.  I will forever be grateful for everything Dr Stacey Bean, her herd, and Indigo Trails has done for me.  I encourage everyone to take that first step; it will be one you will cherish.” — Cassandra J.

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Winds of Change

Winds of Change

This spring has been very windy here on the farm and has brought with it many changes.  As the wind blows, I have noticed the horses unsettled.  I am unsettled.  For the horses, they are on higher alert when the wind blows I believe because they can’t rely as much on...

A Widow’s Walk and her Web of Life

A Widow’s Walk and her Web of Life

It’s been twelve years since the loss of my husband, Darren.  And I can remember every detail of that day as if it were yesterday.  I remember the feeling of my heart being torn out of my chest as I received the news that he was dead.  I remember feeling like the...