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What is Indigo Trails

Nestled on 20 acres of serene beauty, Indigo Trails is a place where the tranquility of the land, the natural wisdom of the horse, and the awareness of the soul supports endless opportunities to explore your inner truth, heal your heart, and awaken your infinite potential. Through workshops, retreats, and customized private or small group coaching sessions, Indigo Trails is committed to providing opportunities to partner with horses who guide you through experiential learning exercises to discover your truths and authenticity and truly express yourself and live the life you were born to live! Specifically, this means more JOY, less stress, and a life empowered with deep, fulfilling relationships.

Upcoming Events


Lead with Love Mother Daughter Series – Spring 2020

Dates for Lead with Love are not out yet. This is a sneak peak for the coming year (most likely Mondays in May)! The mother daughter relationship is a complicated one.  It can be fraught with tension, resentment, and guilt and yet it can be our most important supportive secure relationship that we have throughout our...

Women’s Gestalt Circle – March 2020

Two Wednesday Evenings per Month | 6pm-9pm The intention of this group is to create deep intimacy and healing. We will meet in the arena for Equine Gestalt Coaching with the horses - or - in the lounge for Gestalt Coaching without the horses, depending on the weather throughout the series. What is Equine Gestalt...

Grow with Heart – January 2020

Wednesday Evenings 6pm-9pm JANUARY - APRIL 2020 Enjoy the benefits of Gestalt Coaching through the winter from the cozy comfort of the lounge! Grow with Heart is an opportunity to create deeper awareness around your self and others, find peace and healing in unresolved areas of your life, and feel deeply supported and heard by...

My mission is to live a life of beauty, joy, connection, and authenticity which illuminates a path to the highest good and through awakening transforms the world.

I want to empower you to explore your inner truths; heal your heart, body, mind, and soul; and awaken your infinite potential to live life authentically, awake, aware, and alert.

Indigo Trails Voice

Live in the Light

Live in the Light

Have you ever arrived at a time or point in your life where you were acutely aware of growth out of hardship, accomplishments that came from walking relentlessly up hill, that specific feeling that you were just about to be okay? For me the feeling is that of being in...

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A Time to Dream

A Time to Dream

As I packed my bag into the car for the airport and locked the house behind me, I had the distinct feeling that I would return from this trip changed. The day before I had the same fleeting feeling - tidying rooms, crossing items off my to do list, getting ready to...

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Coming Home

Coming Home

I came across an old journal the other day, looking for the spell I remember casting over ten years ago to find my perfect mate. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a new one and dig out the old one and see how they compare fifteen plus years apart? What I couldn’t find is...

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About Indigo Trails


Indigo Trails is a holistic wellness center that offers retreats, workshops, small group and one on one private coaching sessions in the areas of human empowerment, mindfulness, and healthy living practices.  It is our belief that horses have an immense gift to offer humans through their compassion, honesty, and love.